Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm A Gleek!

It's official. I am severely addicted.

Everyone of us has had that not-so-secret dream of being a star. And we know those dreams culminate or crashes in high school - or at least that's how we felt when we were in high school. Even if I dreamed I canever be in the glee club back in the days. I'm tone deaf. I did join the drama club my senior year, and had those rare monologue moments. And it was exhilarating! I loved it! I tried to relive it by joining community theater groups, but the high I get is never the same.

So much for my recollections.

Being on stage, having my monologues and receiving those critical accolades didn't really help in the popularity part - none that I noticed anyway. I was still a kid whoo was in between. Neither in the popular clique or the degenerates.

Yet that is what I love about this show. It shows all the sentiments, hilarity and desperation of a typical high school life. And not just the students, but the pathetic teachers as well (ahem!)

Plus, I am absolutely in love with one character. Not Finn. And not Will. Not even Rachel or Mercedes (although I would love to be them even for just a day). I'm in love with...


The deadpan attitude. The "every moment is a fashion statement" personality. And those clothes! I love it!

So I am glued to this show for the next four(?) months. And for the next TEN seasons (a fan can dream).

Friday, September 25, 2009


So much for being consistent. More than a month since my last post, and having only two of it under my belt is not really a good sign. However, I cannot make myself promise to be more consistent.

In relation to my absence, it makes me sad seeing blogs that have ended. Some of them with no reason at, just that the blogger stopped posting. I found a really great blog by 3 writers last month, and I ve discovered it too late. They have discontinued the blog and each one of them put up their own blogs, but it wasn't the same. And one of the blogs also disappeared, with its last post last May. It's like dicovering that your favorite TV show isn't being renewed for another season.

Just makes me melancholic.

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