Friday, August 21, 2009


This blog has been long in fruitation. I initially had fantasies about being a writer, and even delusions that I AM a writer. Yet I've always avoided the idea of putting up my own blog. I always thought of it as more of a fad and a way for people to gripe publicly. The fact that I am not much of a consistent writer also didn't help. Then I realized that if I wanted to be a writer, I have to at least practice with the use of a keyboard.

On December 2007, I opened up a Blogger account, thinking "This is it!" Well, it was there, having a username and everything, and then I quickly got tired of the idea, and distracted by those wonderful online sales. So my poor blog was in hiatus for the rest of the year. My interest spurred some days after I finished my first marathon, all fired up with inspiration and adrenaline, but the draft for that went unpublished and forgotten.

It was sometime in January 2009 that I had the idea about utilizing my blog as an inspiration for me to chronicle my so-called best year. I drafted a longish description of my plans and "goals" in my profile. When I read it today, I thought that half of it was stupid (good thing I only had four). Becoming a stand-up comedian and another senseless goal that escapes my memory right now - proving its worthlessness - were scrapped. Finishing a novel and finally being part of a romantic relationship (read: getting kissed) still remain. However, even the idea of a best year was even moot, because this was the year I lost my job, had to go home and faced a lot of insecurities.

One thing remained consistent throughout those times. I was consistently reading and devouring other people's blogs. Besides my interest and blogs that I follow, I was reading one blog after the other, scavenging to the archives of those that I thought was either well-written or was just so interesting. And then I got it. I want to write my own blog. It will be a writing exercise, a chronicle of my life, a layout for my best years, a good read, and most importantly, it will be written and posted.  I spiffed up my template and feartures (although not sure yet if I will be keeping it this way), and I'm now writing my first official post. I don't really care if this is going to be read or not (mostly not for the meantime), but my blog exists, and that's perfectly fine for now.

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