Thursday, October 8, 2009

Newbie Confessions

Since I'm very new at blogging, I wonder how much do you reveal in a blog? Are there rules of etiquette for the whole thing, or at least guidelines in blogging decorum? I remember when I was fairly new at Facebook – I only signed up this year – I wrote a wall post where I wasid that I wanted to strangle my housemate for leaving our shared bathroom at such a horribly disgusting state (trust me, if you're bathroom were in the same condition, you would have screamed for blood). A friend then kindly warned me that setting up such a post is dangerous. I initially wondered why, and them I began conjusring up Grisham-like scenarios, wherein I was wrongfully accused of my housemate's death . And my conviction was based solely on that Facebook post. i immediately deleted the said wall post. And since then, I've been extra-careful of whatever I put on my Facebook page, either written posts, pictures or group that I've joined. This censure was also strengthened when several of my students' parents became my friends.

And also, given that I'm using my real name. I initially planned this to be anonymous, but I thought that stamping my name on this makes me accountable in being more diligent in posting. I do not know how much of me should I put out there. This is definitely not going to be my journal, as some people treat their blogs. I prefer to do those the good ole' fashioned way.

So going back to my question – how much can I reveal in this blog?

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