Friday, October 2, 2009


I mentioned in my profile that I'm a writer. I have a different day job that I would write about in future posts. I am currently working on the first draft of my young adult novel. I'm more than three-fourths done with the thing after a month of feverish (for a snail) writing. And after all the spurt of energy and bravado, I've been trudging along for several days now.

I'm not really sure if this is what they call writer's block. I'm not really blocked in the sense that the ideas and words have stopped flowing. I am confused. I've come to a point in the story where there are revelations being made. BIG ones. And I am now confused in keeping tabs on how much each of my characters have known about this BIG thing in the first place. It's hard to develop and maintain the characters' varying degrees of awareness in different points of the plot. I was thinking if this can be caused by the limitations in my character development. Hopefully, it can be improved after I re-read, edit, and then editeditediteditedit the whole thing.

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